Products and Services


Thematically, nexus is oriented towards sustainable processes. In previous projects nexus has gained a remarkable profile in the areas of interdisciplinary mobility and spatial planning as well as organisational culture and company development.

The products of nexus's works come under four different types:

  • Integrated background analysis: the basic facts and the adhesives to it are first identified and presented to the customers in the method suitable to them. We present an approval of the problem, with the solution strategies and also suggest the necessary knowledge base for making rational decisions (Sample project:Organisational learning, Future debate IG Metall)
  • Application oriented concepts: scenarios, overall concepts and models developed serve as the factory for the further development of concrete solution. The vital role played by nexus here is the formation of new services and strategic development of new business fields for business and organizations. Scenarios and the overall concepts are always process oriented. Nexus is a specialist in developing such solution oriented processes, cooperation scenarios, concepts and strategies for self learning systems, organisations and company (Sample project: Eventverkehr, School goes Society, Planning groups Magdeburger Platz, Sparrplatz)
  • Moderation, consulting and monitoring as professional cooperative service:
    nexus undertakes the moderation and sponsorship for the project and controls the project with professional cooperative management even with complex business complex structures. (Sample project: Companywide network Schraden, Research Information Network developed for the federal ministry for transport, housing and construction)
  • Social inventions: As an application and solution oriented company, nexus always embarks on inventions, market introduction, optimization and testing of new product launching and serve to find a sustainable growth path for the customers. (Sample project: QUESSY.ti,, e-Learning-Kurse im Wissensmanagement, Omni box)